Monday, January 19, 2009

dango tango

misa and i are so full of food- i have foresaken my girlish figure for the tempting flavors of japanese sweets and other goodies I cant help myself! give me more AN! (jeff)

the last couple days have been action packed-- we walked around ginza and had fancy meals with kae`s family, went to shinkiba pier and saw fake volcanoes, went back to tsukiji market and saw real whale meat, got on the bullet train and traveled 1100plus kilometers to fukuoka, watched more sumo tournaments on TV (go morning blue dragon! haha)....

this morning my cousin shoko drove us and her co worker to a little village called akizuki, which is famous for natural dyes, especially sakura (cherry blossoms). it has been sunny but very cold-- akizuki is in a valley between tall mountains. we had amazing soba and japanese sweets, and were able to visit a textile factory and a dyeing factory. 

jeff climbed into a hollow tree and rejuvenated himself at a shinto shrine... the mountains are so desolate. the cherry tree festival is the town`s major tourist attraction, so there won:t be many people there until march.

also we are paying more attention to the vending machine culture-- you can buy pretty much anything-- cigarettes, beer, tea, stew, sandwiches... but in akizuki they have a `daily egg machine`-- 300 yen for a dozen fresh eggs!

nihon no inaka wa kirei desu ne-



  1. haahahahaa... yay for stuffed with food. its the best feeling ever! especially when its sweets. yumm yummy
    i almost had an orgasm when i saw the picture of the yarns being spun. ahhhhh! and the eggs are just way too fuking cool...
    BTW, the barack will we swarn in today, send him your good vibes yo! i will carry a picture of you and jeff while i watch it. haahahaha
    you guys are there in spirit. oh and i think the whole world is going obama crazy... insanity! i keep reading what he has for breakfast. ok! safe journey yo!

  2. I love TAMAGO!
    dye fty sounds funnnn....tell me more. =)