Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday and this morning we went to the fish market in Tsukiji- it was like an Ernst Haeckel print and a planet earth show all in one. We saw whale and fatty tuna and squid floating in black ink and little fish in a little plastic tank spitting water at us. It was quite surreal. Kae's house is just around the corner from the market so I might have to go everyday and eat sushi with my new best friends the fish mongers on their washing machine tractors. One even said I look like a fisherman- maybe in another life. Kae has been our auntie taking us to all these fancy places filling us up with Strawberry shortcake and sushi and beer- 
Now I am having a discussion with Kae's dad about being poor and rich- he told misa that I am her treasure so she is rich! Lucky her!


  1. I like to imagine that one of you was hiding behind Kae in the shortcake photo and that immediately after the photo was taken you dunked her face straight into that creamy hot mess.

    Ke-ki Tobikomi!


  2. yay for squid in ink! yummmm
    it is amazing how universal strawberry shortcake is and how perfect the 2 mounds of icing are. INSANE!