Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ping pong rallies on!

lucky us we found ping pong and a snail in the eki (train station) bento! --love jeff---

today we were in nikko for a bit, walking around muddy ancient pine trees and looking at snowy mountains... it was so empty and run down but had a nice quiet feeling to it.
also kae and paul took us to play takkyuu (table tennis, or ping pong is the chinese name, says wikipedia) in takadanobaba near waseda univ. it was a super authentic sports hall followed by super authentic ramen. kae is obsessed. paul's neighborhood is pretty fun.
kae and paul also recommended climbing mt takao, so we tried. I only lasted about 2 km uphill (steep! so steep!) even though jeff would have gone to the top. oops.
the ekiben is from osaka station... these special bento are so expensive but I feel like I won't ever eat them again! this one was especially good... i even ate the snail... but it just tasted like a snail...

p.s. we just ate fugu nabe (stew style hotpot with blowfish) with kae's parents... yes, the same fish from the simpsons


  1. was the snail supposed to be in the bento?!

  2. was that Forest Gump playing ping pong?

  3. Wow, that bento looks delicious.

    Was the stew "fan-fugu-tastic"?